Preparation: A visit to “little Albania” in the Bronx

Our first assignment was to compose a contextual analysis based off of a trip to Lydig Ave in the Bronx where there is a significant Albanian presence. The point was to try to make assumptions about Albanian culture from the things we saw and experienced. It wasn’t extremely productive because everywhere in NYC is pretty diverse and while there were slightly more European grocery stores, and many signs were written in Albanian in addition to the standard English, Spanish, & Chinese, it wasn’t overwhelmingly apparent that this particular area had a high Albanian population. I went with a friend and we stopped at Dukagjini Burek (758 lydig ave), an Albanian restuarant in the neighborhood. It’s a really small place that literally only sells bureks, which are fried pastry-type things – similar to a spanakopita. I got a spinach and feta one; it was delicious.

758 Lydig Ave.

While we were here we ended up chatting with two guys at the next table who were from Kosovo. We exchanged contact information and will hopefully get a chance to meet up once I get over there. They even gave me a cd out of their car outside when I asked about music in Kosovo. My only assumption from this trip was that Kosovar Albanians are really friendly when, as a foreigner, you express an interest in their country.

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